the delay before a transfer of data begins following an instruction for its transfer


When using Woojer, two "types" of latency may be experienced: The latency between your audio source and your Woojer (AKA "Wireless Latency"), and a "pseudo-latency" in which you feel that a song you're hearing is off-beat, and it seems like Woojer is playing the bass with a delay.


Wireless Latency

Using an audio cable or a USC-C cable to connect your Woojer ensures ZERO latency. However, using Bluetooth will always cause SOME delay. This occurs with ALL wireless devices independent of the technology. Woojer Edge devices are equipped with an aptX low-latency Qualcomm chips. This type of Bluetooth enables a high-quality wireless audio connection, with a delay between 25-40ms. For most common usages, such as watching a movie, that delay is perfectly acceptable. Comparing to standard SBC Bluetooth with approximately 250ms delay, it is a huge improvement. 


Note that for audio content alone, the wireless latency is not relevant. Latency only impacts the experience of content involving video, such as movies and gaming in which the audio-video sync is important for the overall experience. 


To enjoy a low-latency wireless connection, your audio source (TV/PC, etc.) must also have an aptX Bluetooth as well. If it does not, the transmission rate will be set by the transmitter side, i.e. your audio source. In this case, you can use an external aptX Bluetooth transmitter. You can find several types of these, with either a 3.5mm analog input or digital USB. 

Here are two examples of such transmitters:

Reiyin WT-HD06 aptX USB 



Important! Wireless latency also depends on the distance between the source and the Woojer. Thus, if your Woojer is more than 3 meters away from the source - this can also increase the latency.


Gamers, heads up! Please note that wire connections are the most reliable and ensure zero-latency connection. Although aptX provides a low-latency wireless connection of under 40ms, it still has limited lag which may not enough for specific titles. When using the voice chat channel, we recommend using a four-pin, TRRS cable, like the one that came with your Edge. For more setup options, please visit Woojer Support Portal



When hearing a song with Woojer, you may imagine that Woojer is slightly offbeat. However, that is not the case. Woojer accurately duplicates the low-frequency bass content that is in the track and does not modify, add or remove anything from the content. If the bass is marginally “off”, this was done by design by the track creator, and will be reflected by the Woojer sensation.


To test for yourself, play this video, with your Woojer connected via a 3.5mm or a USB-C cable, to ensure that there is no wireless latency.


You should hear a sound on every beat, but only one of the 4 sounds will be felt. 


If you are experiencing a delay, please notify us and we will happily analyze the issue.