Follow these steps to apply audio mirroring using SteamVR settings. Applying audio mirroring enables you to route the audio to both the Vest and your VR headset, simultaneously. 

Note: audio mirroring can also be applied by using external software. Refer to this article for more details 

  1. Connect your Vest to your PC via a cable or via Bluetooth connection. For more details on how to connect the Vest to the PC, refer to these articles.

  2. Do not connect headphones to the Vest. Instead, use the HMD's integral headphones or connect your own headphones to the HMD. 

  3. Set your Vest as the PC default playing device: On your PC, click the Speakers icon, located in the notifications area, and choose your Woojer from the list.

  4. Open SteamVR settings menu, and go to Audio

  5. Turn on the Audio mirroring option. Then, choose your VR headset (e.g.: HTC-Vive). 

  6. Exit SteamVR menu.

  7. Important: Set your PC volume to max. To control the sensation levels - use the Vest's control buttons.


Upon completing these steps, your Vest and your VR headset should play simultaneously.