Your PC supports several types of audio playing devices. This can include PC speakers, USB headphones, external speakers, Bluetooth headphones, etc. Although several of the above can be connected to your PC, usually only a single one can work at a time. In Windows, You can configure the default playing device by choosing it from the notification area when clicking the speakers icon and then choosing the device from the list. 

If you would like to enable audio routing to two devices simultaneously (e.g. Edge and headphones), you need to set up audio mirroring. Audio mirroring can be achieved with Windows sound settings (and also by SteamVR, if installed on your PC). However, there is an even more convenient way - using an external application, such as Voice Meeter Banana. Voice Meeter identifies itself to the PC as an audio playing device. Therefore the process of audio mirroring using Voice Meeter involves two simple stages - configuring VoiceMeeter and setting it as the PC default playing device.


To set audio mirroring to use your Edge and your headphones simultaneously, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Voice Meeter Banana. Restart your PC. Important! Before installing, make sure you uninstalled any previous version of the software.
  2. Connect your Edge product to your PC, using either USB-C, 3.5mm cable or Bluetooth connections.
  3. Connect your headphone to the PC.
  4. Open VoiceMeeter.
  5. Set Hardware Out A1 to Woojer, and Hardware Out A2 to your headphones. Make sure both devices are prefixed with "WDM".
  6. Virtual input should be routed to both A1 and A2.
  7. control the levels individually with the dedicated faders, located at the bottom right of the screen.
  8. Set your PC default playing device to VoiceMeeter Input. 
  9. From now on, when playing audio, your PC will stream the sound through both of the devices.