Follow these steps to connect your Strap Edge to your PC via Bluetooth. Once completing this pairing process the Strap will remain automatically connected to your PC. 


You can use your PC Bluetooth connection to pair with the Strap (Option 1). However, if you wish to establish a low-latency connection, to minimize audio-video delay, you should make sure that your PC Bluetooth facilitates this. If the delay is excessive, you can use an external low-latency Bluetooth transmitter, as detailed below (Option 2).

Option 1: Using the PC default Bluetooth connection

  1. On your PC, locate the Bluetooth icon in the Windows notifications area. Right-click this icon and choose "Add Bluetooth Device". 
  2. Click the "+" sign, then press "Bluetooth" to start the pairing process.
  3. Press the Strap's Power button for 5 seconds to enter pairing mode. The blue and red LEDs will blink alternately.
  4. On your PC locate Woojer Strap Edge and select it. To finish the process click "Done". Your Strap is paired now and The blue LED will illuminate constantly. 
  5. Connect your headphones to the Strap's headphone jack.
  6. Your PC will set "Woojer Strap Edge stereo" to its default output device. If it doesn't, click the Speakers icon, located in the notifications area, and choose your Woojer from the list. 
    Important: Set your mobile volume to max. To control the headphones and sensation levels - use the Strap's control buttons.

    For connecting both your Strap and another output device simultaneously (e.g.: wired or USB headphones), you'll need to apply audio mirroring. Please refer to this article for instructions.

Option 2: Using an external Bluetooth transmitter

  1. Connect an external dual Bluetooth transmitter to your PC. Two types of such a transmitter exist - auxiliary and USB. If you connect a USB transmitter, refer to its manual for detailed installation instructions.
  2. Press the Strap's Power button for 5 seconds to enter pairing mode. The blue and red LEDs will blink alternately.
  3. Put the transmitter on pairing mode as well. Refer to its manual for detailed pairing instructions. 
  4. Pair the transmitter with the Strap.
  5. Connecting your headphones: You can connect wired headphones directly to your Strap. Alternatively, if your Bluetooth transmitter is a dual-link one, you can pair it with both the Strap and your Bluetooth headphones, concurrently.

Here are some examples of low-latency Bluetooth transmitters:
Creative BT-W2 USB Bluetooth Audio Transceiver with aptX Low Latency
Reiyin WT-04 aptX Low Latency USB Audio Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter (dual-link) 
Auxiliary aptX low-latency transmitter (dual-link)

Connecting an external transmitter with 3.5 input

Connecting an external transmitter with USB input

Connecting a dual-link external dual-link transmitter with 3.5 input

Connecting a dual-link external transmitter with USB input