Like any wireless headphones, the Strap Edge is also a Bluetooth receiver. Therefore, to connect both the Strap and your Bluetooth headphones to your phone simultaneously, your audio source must support dual Bluetooth connectivity (e.g. Samsung Galaxy 8 and above). Alternatively, you can use an external dual Bluetooth transmitter to achieve this.  

Connecting both Strap and Bluetooth headphones to your mobile (Dual Bluetooth supporting devices):

  1. Press and hold the Strap's power button for 5 seconds until it turns on and enters pairing mode. The blue and red LEDs will blink alternately.
  2. On your phone, enter pairing mode and locate Woojer Strap Edge.
  3. Pair your Strap with your phone.
  4. Put your headphones in pairing mode.
  5. Re-enter pairing mode and locate your headphones.
  6. Pair and connect your headphones. 

Connecting both Strap and Bluetooth headphones to your mobile (external dual Bluetooth transmitter):

External Bluetooth transmitters have different methods to pair multiple devices simultaneously. Please refer to your transmitter's user manual to see how to pair it with both your Strap and your headphones.

Here are some examples of external dual Bluetooth transmitters:

A dual Bluetooth transmitter/receiver with a 3.5mm analog audio input

A dual Bluetooth transmitter with an optical input (S/PDIF)

A dual Bluetooth transmitter for iPhone

A dual Bluetooth USB dongle for PC/PS4/Mac