Congratulations! you've got your Woojer Vest Pro!

Please read the following instructions before first use of the Vest Pro. For your first impression, you can choose between either Stereo Haptic Mode and Full-surround Haptic Mode.

For detailed information about all kinds of connections (PC, game consoles, VR systems) and further information, please refer to the Vest Pro section on our support portal.

Update your Vest Pro firmware

The vest's firmware is the software that controls your Vest Pro. Before first usage, we highly recommend that you update the vest's firmware. This makes sure your Vest Pro runs an up-to-software version. The update process is done by a smartphone.

Android users - please refer to this article. iPhone users - please refer to this one

Charging the Vest Pro

Charge your Vest  Pro! For safety reasons, your Vest Pro was shipped with almost zero battery. Please make sure you give it a full charge before first use. Use the provided charger (inside the triangle box) and wait until the indication light (on the front control unit) turns green. How to charge? Plug in the provided charger to the charger port. After 4 hours of charging, your Vest Pro will be fully charged.

Testing Stereo Haptic Mode

You can test this mode via PC or Mobile using the provided USB cable or a 3.5mm Aux cable or simply via Bluetooth. What you should test: Any stereo content (e.g. music, games, movies etc.)

Note: When testing with Bluetooth, your Vest Pro will be identified as Woojer Vest. Do not attempt to connect any other names.

Testing 7.1 Full-surround Haptic Mode (multi-channel)

You can test this mode via a PC (recommended) or a supporting mobile phone (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S9). 

1. For 7.1 mode, you must be connected via the provided USB cable. 

When tested with mobile, you will need an adapter (USB Type A female to either USB-C male or Micro USB male, depending on your specific mobile model). You can find examples for these adapters here and here.

2. For PC - you should download & configure the C-Media driver. Use this link for detailed instructions.

3. The content you play must be a surround sound content. We highly recommend you try some of these Dolby ATMOS samples (start with the Leaf 7.1 and Amaze 7.1 demos and thank us later...). Don't play them via your browser, you should download them to your computer.

General Guidelines

Always make sure that your audio source volume is set to max, as this makes sure you get the maximized haptic effect. You can then adjust both the haptic level and the headphones volume level by using the vest's control unit. Sometimes your device will automatically decrease the volume, or will raise some high-volume alert. You should approve this alert and set the volume to max again. Also note, that on some devices, this auto volume decrease will appear only upon starting playing music.