This article will instruct you on how to connect your Woojer Vest Pro to a Xbox One console with  Full-surround Haptic Mode. To enjoy full- surround haptics, the game's audio content must be surround content as well (7.1/5.1). In order to set up this connection, you'll need a DAC (e.g.: HDMI Digital To Analog Audio Converter), 4 RCA cables. and two HDMI cables. 

The following diagram shows how to connect all components together to deliver the surround sound data to the Vest:

1. Connect the console HDMI out port to the DAC HDMI in port, using the first HDMI cable.

2. Connect the DAC HDMI out port to your TV set HDMI in port using the second HDMI cable.

3. Connect the four 3.5mm jacks to the Vest rear panel audio-in ports. (See picture)

4. Connect the four RCA audio jacks to the DAC, according to the following mapping (See picture):

DAC's FL+FR ports are connected to the Vest channels 1+2

DAC's SL+SR ports are connected to the Vest channels 7+8

DAC's CEN+SW ports are connected the Vest channels 3+4

DAC's SBl+SBR ports are connected the Vest channels 5+6

Note: You should switch all red-white connections on the DAC, so that the red RCA male goes to the white RCA female, and vice versa. (See picture)

5. Plug in the DAC the power outlet.

6. Switch the DAC to Multi mode.

7. Turn on the DAC. At this stage, you should be able to turn on and use your console.

8. Connect your headphones to the Vest's headphone jack.

9. To stream the 7.1 audio to the Vest, you should change the Xbox audio settings as follows:

Go to Settings > Display & Sound > Audio output > Speaker audio > HDMI Audio 

Set the value to 7.1 uncompressed 

Note: Using a different DAC might require different cables mapping.