Using a wired USB connection, the PC identified the Vest Pro as a surround sound device, letting all 8 transducers to respond individually. This type of connection allows a fully immersive haptic experience. Follow these steps to establish this connection:

1. Vest Pro Driver Installation

Download and install / and install the driver on your PC. 

2. Connecting Vest Pro via USB

Using the provided USB cable, connect the Vest to the PC USB port. The cable's Type A end should be connected to the PC and the Type B end should be connected to the Vest's upper back unit.

3. Setting Vest Pro as a default playing device

Locate the PC volume control. A single click on the volume control icon will indicate the current default playing device. If not already set, you can choose the default playing device from the drop-down menu: Choose Speakers (USB Multi-Channel audio device). The device might also be identified as 2 - USB Sound Device. However, make sure you don't choose Digital Output (USB Multi-Channel audio device).

An alternative way to set the default playing device:

The volume control menu is slightly different among different versions of Windows. Therefore, you might find this alternative way useful for you:

1. Right-click the volume control icon ==> Sounds (or Playback Devices) ==> Playback tab (You can also open the Sounds dialog through the control panel).

2. Right-click USB Multi-Channel audio device and ==> Set as Default Device.

4. Setting Vest Pro audio settings

For the Vest to function properly, the following audio settings should be set. 

Locate the USB Multi-Channel audio device icon on the PC notification area and click it. The Vest Pro audio settings screen will be displayed.

Set System Input to 8 CH and Analog Output to 7.1 Speakers. Make sure that 7.1 Virtual Speaker Shifter and Xear are disabled.

Important! When switching to another USB port on your computer, you might need to re-configure the above audio settings.

5. Connect the headphones

Connect the headphones to the Vest Pro's control panel.

6. Test your Vest Pro

Test your Vest Prwith Dolby 7.1 trailers and enjoy your first immersive experience! You might also love this multi-channel demo file.