Vest Pro has eight OSCI™ transducers that are distributed at strategic locations around the torso. When playing stereo content, whether it's a song or a video game, the eight transducers are divided into two groups – left transducers and right transducers (that match the low frequencies of left and right stereo channels). The Vest can be set to Stereo Haptic Mode when it is connected by either a 3.5mm jack, a Bluetooth connection or a USB cable.

If your device supports 7.1/5.1 surround sound and the content is also 7.1/5.1, the Vest Pro will be automatically be switched to Full-surround Haptic Mode, making all transducers respond individually according to the content. This gives you a fully immersive haptic experience, with the exact directionality of the played content, i.e.: In a VR scene, if you are experiencing a bullet hit from behind - you'll feel the hit only on your back.

Stereo Haptic Mode

Full-surround Haptic Mode