Using Strap Edge with mobile via Wireless Dual-Bluetooth (without "Music Share")

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Like any wireless headphones, the Woojer Strap Edge is a Bluetooth receiver, not a transmitter. Therefore, to enjoy a totally wireless experience with your Woojer Strap Edge you need to connect both the Woojer Strap Edge and your Bluetooth headphones to the same source.

While this feature already is integrated into many Samsung devices, for other mobile devices you'll need an external dual-link Bluetooth transmitter to get this done. This transmitter is able to stream to two devices simultaneously, and you'll be able to pair it with both your Woojer Strap Edge and Bluetooth headphones. With this method, you make no use of the mobile's integral Bluetooth and you should turn it off before using the transmitter.

Remember you can always enjoy a wireless connection between your mobile and the Woojer Strap Edge while the only wire involved is the headphones wire. Your Woojer Strap Edge will still be connected to your mobile via Bluetooth. This partial wireless configuration will also let you enjoy the Woojer Strap Edge's integral audio amplifier, which can improve the audio quality of your headphones. See more details here.

For more information about connecting Samsung devices and Bluetooth headphones using "Music Share", please refer to this article.

For more information about connecting iOS devices and Bluetooth headphones using a wireless Dual-Bluetooth transmitter, please refer to this article.

Connecting the Woojer Strap Edge and wireless headphones to the dual-link Bluetooth transmitter

Follow these steps to connect your mobile to your Strap and your Bluetooth headphones, simultaneously:

  1. Turn off your mobile's Bluetooth.
  2. Put your Woojer Strap Edge into Bluetooth pairing mode. Make sure the device is turned OFF first, and then long-press the power button for 5 seconds. The LED indicators will flash red and blue accordingly.
  3. Put the dual-link Bluetooth transmitter into pairing mode and pair it with the Woojer Strap Edge. Refer to the transmitter's user manual for the specific pairing instructions.
  4. Pair your headphones as a second device, with the Bluetooth transmitter
  5. Connect the dual-link Bluetooth transmitter to your phone.
  6. Set your phone volume to max and play your content!

Connecting a Woojer Strap Edge and wireless headphones to a mobile device, with an external Bluetooth transmitter


Here's an example of an external dual Bluetooth transmitter (Bluetooth splitter):


Here's an example of an external dual USB-C Bluetooth transmitter (Bluetooth splitter):


Note: It's always recommended to check in advance whether a specific transmitter works with your mobile.

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