Android users - please refer to this article to get firmware update instructions for Android.

This article will show you how to update your Vest's firmware using iPhone. A dedicated update app is being developed by us these days and will be released shortly and the following  solution is a temporary one. 

The update process takes a few minutes. It is done using a generic app called nRF Toolbox. The process is fairly simple: You define the device to be updated (i.e. the Vest) and the firmware file to be loaded. 

Important note: In order to get the latest firmware file, please first send us an email using this link. We will get your email in our support system and will send you the latest firmware file.

Once you get the file by email, please follow these steps to update your Vest:

1. Connect the Vest to its wall charger. Do not disconnect the charger during the update process.

2. Open the nRF Toolbox app and minimize it.

3. Open your iPhone email client app and open the message you got from us, containing the firmware file.

4. Scroll down to see the attachment file. Next, tap to download the file. Finally, double-tap the file to see it in a different page.

5. Tap the Export icon, located at the top right corner.

6. Tap Copy to nRF Toolbox. The nRF Toolbox app will be opened.

7. On nRF Toolbox, choose the device to be updated by tapping Select Device.

8. On the device list, choose WJRBLE (it can also appear as Woojer App).

9. Tap Upload. The firmware zip file will be uploaded to your Vest.

10. The update process is finished.