Android users - please refer to this article to get firmware update instructions for Android.

This article shows you how to update the Vest to the latest available firmware. The update process is done by a dedicated app that connects to your Vest and reads its current firmware version. It then updates the firmware to the latest version, released by Woojer.
Updating the Vest's firmware ensures you are getting the maximum experience from the Vest with additional features and bug fixes.

Follow these steps to update the Vest's firmware:

1. Install this iPhone app

2. Connect the Vest to a wall charger (version update will not work unless the Vest is plugged into a wall charger).

3. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.

4. Open the app. The app will automatically start searching for available Vests near you.

5. As soon as the app detects your Vest, click on the Vest entry. The app should then connect the Vest. 

6. The app will show your Vest's current firmware version.

7. If there is a newer version available, an "update" button will appear. Click the "update" button. 

NOTE: Do not disconnect the wall charger while updating the firmware and make sure the Vest remains close to the mobile. 

8. Update may take a few minutes. Once update is complete, the app will reconnect to the Vest and show the new version.