When using your VR headset, you might wish to connect your Strap without additional cords. 

To achieve this, you'll need to mirror the sound so that both devices play at the same time. 

Follow these steps to get it done:

1. Connect your Strap to your PC via a Bluetooth connection. 

2. Do not connect the headphones to the Strap. The headphones should be connected directly to your VR headset (or you might have built-in headphones in your VR headset).

3. Set Woojer to your default playing device: On your PC, go to "sound settings" screen and make sure your Woojer is set as default. (a green "V" sign appears next to the default playing device).

4. Open Steam VR settings menu, and go to Audio. On "Mirror audio to device" choose your VR headset (e.g.: HTC-Vive). 

5. Make sure that the volume of your PC is set to maximum so that Strap plays at maximum intensity. 

6. Set you Strap sensation level to max, using its sensation buttons.

Upon completing these steps, your Strap and your VR headset headphones should play simultaneously.