Open the BlueTooth menu on your device and search for “Woojer”. 

Choose “Woojer” and pair it to your device. 

Galaxy 8, 8+, Note8 & above: 

Please refer to your headset manual for instructions on how to pair your phone to two audio devices via BT simultaneously. Here is a Youtube guide:

Youtube manual for Samsung  Galaxy 8 & up: 

  • For additional devices, please search for online guides for your specific device.

Galaxy 7 & older : 

In case your device does not support dual BT audio, you will need an additional BT splitter, such as the one in the link below:

Plug in the BT splitter 3.5mm jack to your mobile audio output.

Next, pair both the Strap and your headphones to the BT splitter. 

Note: please remember to always set your audio source to MAX volume.